An Overview Of BAREarth Yoga Mats

BAREarth mats are completely unique and we are the only supplier of Flax mats in Australia.


Flax has been used for thousands of years due to its incredible resistance to wear and abrasion. It's a breathable, soft to touch fibre and doesn't store much elasticity so it doesn't lose it's shape. Flax is also hypo allergenic, therefore an excellent choice for those with allergies.

Our Luxe Range come with a Lamous like finish which is a microfibre suede material that is friendly to both the environment and people.


The base of our luxe and flax seed mats are made from a non slip, recycled neoprene rubber. All our mats are vegan/eco-friendly.


Our mats can be cleaned by either wiping with a damp cloth or for more stubborn marks they can be machined washed on a gentle/cold cycle.